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World of Warcraft has completely dominated the quest grind landscape and there’s a few things that MMO buy runescape 2007 gold developers need to understand about this.”Top 10 Development Mistakes Of All Time (Vote Obama)”. If people refer to your game using the phrase “Like World of Warcraft but.” you’re on the wrong track.
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Blizzard are really good at this game development thing. They will focus on what makes a game fun/addictive/popular and polish it till you can see your face in it. They have all the money and time in the world and until you have as much money and talent as Blizzard you cannot compete with them by making a WoW clone. Your game will look like a student project and will be linked on Digg under
MMO development takes a very long time. What’s popular now may not be popular in five years time. Quests were pretty neat when WoW came out as they provided a good alternative to repeatedly killing monsters as fast as you can. You’re not going to pull people away from WoW by emulating the core of their gameplay. Focus on something new and exciting. A quest grind with slightly different buttons to press is not forward thinking.
Don’t write cheques your development team can’t cash. If you announce a feature, you had better be damned sure it’s in there on launch day. Someone out there has been looking forward to it and will badmouth you to anyone who will listen if they find it’s mysteriously vanished. On a similar note, release the game when it’s actually finished. No one wants to move from level 39 to level 40 to find a big open field with a sign that says
That’s all from me today, I have to go and wait eight hours for a goblin to spawn that has a 0.1 per cent chance of dropping a slightly better sword than the one I already have. “Content coming soon. Hugs and Kisses. The Developers”. People on the internet will obsess over your game and go through your content a hundred times faster than you estimated.
Every once in a while I hear whispers of upcoming contemporary/spy themed mmos but so far (afaik)   bubkiss.Are they out there   have I just not been paying attention? I’ve heard a little about City of Heroes which at least seems to be set in the modern day but even then it still seems kind of fantasy oriented.Hi!Today is long-Awaited Valentine’s Day, Don’t you want to Spend It with Up to 60% off 300M RS 2007 gold &1900M Runescape gold on RSorder At 3:00 AM GMT on Feb.15in Game!Join It by Immediately!

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