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Especially for tourists, twinks will definitely push away the retail crowd, seeing how low level bgs in buy runescape gold retail, everyone’s gear is equated. which i was trying to explain in my above post.I’m someone who enjoys classic for both nostalgia and the ideology that classic holds. You work hard for what you want, and everything and everyone is apart of a giant community.
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I also use an iPad to play and I can honestly say it so much better than using my phone. When skilling (fishing, mining, wc) it makes it so much easier to drop all of the items and a lot easier to see everything going on. I do use a Bluetooth keyboard as it connected to my case on the iPad and the one complaint I have is that I still have to tap the chatbox in order to type. So besides that,
Pretty upset bgs are not going to be available on release. Low level bgs when no one has any gear are when bgs are in its prime and can only really be done when a server first comes out. If bgs are coming out even months after server release, there will be tons of twinks geared and ready and make low bgs less fun, and definitely much less enjoyable, or rather introducing to new players
that may want to try it from the retail experience where most people are on the same gear level.where sharding would take that whole aspect away. As someone so much against sharding, I personally would not play retail classic if sharding stayed as a primary component to the game, or even persisted past the first few levels. and how Northshire isn’t actually a separate zone than Elwynn like in retail.
Pretty sure only Kronos has the stop xp command, not sure about ChinaDale. Stopping xp isn’t a make or break for twinks though. People that twink as their classic experience(which has a dedicated community), will have months of preparation for their toons, rather than the first few days of classic where no one has gear, no one has months of preparation in order to make their experience better and others much much worse.
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