RIGGED SHORTS: Colter Rolled V2 (Dirty) – Legal Insanity

RIGGED SHORTS: Colter Rolled V2 (Dirty) – Legal Insanity

PLEASE NOTE: The following files are for educational purposes only.
I, nor Goonsquad associates, support or condone the resale of these files.

I have included both .zip and .rar file formats with all the included sizes but no textures, those come in the form of UUIDs and can be found in the .txt file. This version is rigged so you can not scale or reposition.

Product Details:
One Pants texture
Five Belt textures
Four Belt Buckle textures

Included Sizes:

  • TMP


  • Set the 3 lowest LODs to 0 to save yourself a couple hundred L$.
  • Remember to activate, “Include Skin Weight” under, “Upload Options”
  • When Editing, activate, “Edit Linked” as well as, “Select Face”
  • Remove any Demo components by activating, “Edit Linked” select the component, click, “Unlink” – deactivate, “Edit Linked” and delete selected component.

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