RENIE – Witchie Body & Harness

Rigged for Maitreya, don’t forget to include weights when uploading, otherwise it will look like a hot mess lol 

** If you get an error like “material of the model is not a subset of the reference model” 
    Go to Advanced menu and Show Debug Settings (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S in Firestorm) then look for ImporterLegacyMatching and set it to TRUE

To get the fatpack, go to “Bossie” store…84/29/3003 get the DEMO, take out the scripts and put them in your mesh.
Then rename every linked part exactly like it is in the DEMO… then you will be able to use the demo HUD to change the textures

RENIE _ Witchie v1 – (Size: 4.05 MB / Downloads: 0)

Download from Source link