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ÿþrather it brings out or You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. enhances the personality of the user. Cool Reading Glasses as the words go are really what is in these days and the more once uses these glasses, the more it enhances the personality of the user. That is why for women reading glasses are termed as cool and very easily women are able to make a fashion statement by using the reading glasses.Reading glasses are available in a variety of shapes, styles and colors and to suit every age and personality whether be it a man or a woman.May be you aren’t aware but it was one of the first equipments that worked like the present day 3D glasses. 

The two pictures that each of the eyes view individually are then put together by the brain. Thus, the image you get to see turns into a 3D image with certain depth.This is the same concept on which View Master or a stereoscopic viewer works. This concept actually utilizes the natural binocular vision system of human beings.  This vision system lets us know quite easily and You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. accurately how far away any object is placed. If we look at the thing with one eye we’ll still be able to make out the distance but with diminished accuracy where as looking at the things using both the eyes will get us more accurate result.When we look at the thing with our eyes they are seen from slightly You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. different angles or perspective but our brain correlates the images before presenting them to us. 

3D glasses also do the same they present the images to our individual eyes from slightly different angle which are then correlated by our brain before we can finally see them.Systems Used: the two common systems used by the glasses to provide us with the adventure of 3D movies areolarization: At several 3D venues like Disney World, Universal, etc. polarized lenses are used. These are expensive but highly efficient 3D viewing lenses as they let you view the film in color. In this method two polarized views are projected on a screen by two synchronized projectors. Now when you wear the glasses only one You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. image enters into your individual eyes, this happens because the lenses of the glasses are also polarized. 

About 40% of men and women consider people wearing eyeglasses to be people who are sophisticated and smart. As a consequence, topping the list of people who are perceived to be wearing eyeglasses are librarians, followed by teachers, then lawyers, then artists and finally, actors. About 45% of the respondents see people using spectacles as purposely using them to be fashionable.To come out exuding with sex appeal, you must also consider the kind of eyeglass frames. Rimless lenses, according to majority of the respondents, are the most sexually appealing that suggests bare appearances are indeed sexually stimulating. 

He had an idea. What sort of eye glass holder would be easily reachable, protect the integrity of the frames and lenses, and keep them from falling off your person? It s truly genius: Rick designed ReadeRest. And it worked! What started as a carefully bent paper clip, a couple magnets, and $65,000 in initial sales, each made by Rick s own hand, became a nationwide sensation. Here s how it works. The ReadeRest is a magnetic eyeglass holder. A thin, lightweight piece of metal is attached to your shirt and held in place by two equally lightweight, yet strong, magnets on the inside of the shirt. 

After ultimately partnering with Lori Greiner, the ReadeRest was finally able to take off the way it deserved. Now available in multiple outlets, whether it is in person at Bed Bath and Beyond, online directly, or through You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. the television from QVC, the ReadeRest has been flying off the shelves. It is extremely functional with more than just glasses, however. You can use the product the same way you would with a pen, especially without worry that it will draw all over the inside of your pocket! How about a cord management tool? Head phones for important conversations or for your music need to stay in place. Notoriously known for how quickly they can tangle and frustrate the user, the ReadeRest will keep the cord in place and You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. prevent further tangles to keep the buds in your ear.

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