hi im newbie here i want know about all things good Download from Source link

Naked Mesh by Charles Hera Full Store rip


Like the title said this is the full store rip of Naked Mesh Includes all the Daes/Mesh and textures So just reupload to your building projects theres a full store which is a full selection of the store. i would suggest opening that in blender first. then picking what you want from it. But it also includes the solo rips so you can just take what part you want from it. You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. Download from Source link

Hello Community


Hello Community, I’m interested to join to you and share some free stuff. May we can help each other with scripting. If someone need help with LSL let me know Download from Source link



Hello everybody, I’m not sure what I am supposed to write in here, but anyway, my name is Becky. Nice to meet you all Download from Source link

Hola / Hello


hi everyone my name is Crist and yes im a newbie here,  wanting to learn new things =D!! I hope to receive the support of everyone in any doubt that crosses my path !! Download from Source link

hi everybody!


so i got an email saying to stop by the forum, i know i havent posted much of anything but that is because i took up an interest in learning to mesh stuff. i been watching zero’s videos on youtube and they’re helping alot theres just a few kinks i gotta work out lol i still havent gotten used to blender and the stitching thing.. but when i can.. i’ll upload some already rigged things and hopefully everyone will love them. i hope lol  see yas all soon Download from Source link

Waka Waka


Skeet skeet. I ride cars, and I drive fast broads. Wait. That’s not right. I drive fast cars and I ride broads. Just a retired Security Specialist. Never trust anything. Not even a book. Download from Source link



Download from Source link

Hi all


Good evening to all users i’m Yuri, nice to meer you ^^ i’m 28 years iold and i’m a new user in SL Download from Source link



Hello! My name is blondenerd. Im blunt, sweet and sometimes shy all at the same time. Download from Source link