Thank you Shoopedlife! Hi everybody!


Just wanted to personally say thank you to the ShoopedLife team…i haent used it in a long while since apparently for a while Geniouses LL decided NOT to hardware ban people……just use IP ban…..which easily can be worked around via VPN. however looks like Old Mr. Hardwareban is back! and ShoopedLife was one of the only viewerst that had the trusty built in hardware spoofer (which i …assume still has lol) back in the day it saved my ass plenty of times…and hopefully yet again! Lately i moved to Opensim……its great because you can host your own grids or your own sim and import things via oar and stuff like  that….but it has sooo few people too. but. maybe i can have the best of…

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Hi everyone!


I’m new here – I’m a budding builder on SL and look forward to browsing Download from Source link

[DUE] Gretchen // Pastel 4


Marketplace:…4/17819664 >>>>>CLICK TO DOWNLOAD [DUE] Gretchen Pastel 4.rar (Size: 11.01 MB / Downloads: 0) Download from Source link

*YS&YS* Shape 02 for Catwa Catya head


Marketplace:…d/10650093 >>>>>>DOWNLOAD

S0NG :: Taku Eyes // ALL COLORS


Marketplace:…Taku+Eyes+ UUID: SONG :: Taku~ Abyss Eye RARE – dba5a47d-d2f2-b0f5-e7dc-1a38220b78ff SONG :: Taku~ Abyss V2 Eye RARE – 31236eb5-cc2c-3b27-eb77-40aadc70a7c5 SONG :: Taku~ Abyss V3 Eye RARE – 508bbcaa-477a-90bc-bed8-5c945aa561a2 SONG :: Taku~ Aqua Eye RARE – 63e0d930-ec87-ba54-296c-7d3000689934 SONG :: Taku~ Blue Eye RARE – 85e34639-074b-9586-5260-e5d1beb7031d SONG :: Taku~ Crystal Eye RARE – e445069a-5ce1-dcab-7903-206e971cc34a SONG :: Taku~ Crystal V2 Eye RARE – a825dd7a-cd8b-f5fa-d24a-456f410cfd89 SONG :: Taku~ Dark Blue Eye – e65f755e-f4dc-3e5f-e3b0-55187bbcbb1d SONG :: Taku~ Green Eye – fa219a5e-48d2-76bf-8634-b46a79e2ea4d SONG :: Taku~ Green Eye RARE – 564da383-7736-9994-a2ce-383a0f9abfa6 SONG :: Taku~ Grey Eye – feda7e64-5f94-b557-93ab-e8a5dd489c56 SONG :: Taku~ Hazel Eye – 62d4606b-21ba-b692-c8a1-333be95117c8 SONG :: Taku~ Light Brown Eye – ec2d69fa-f1c9-63e8-e08b-d66f2b2a58c0 SONG :: Taku~ Light Grey Eye – 874f0f4c-fcb0-dba8-5952-2167b2fb072d SONG :: Taku~ Luna Eye RARE – 23f25645-7753-727d-8d96-1d1f4d9e918a SONG :: Taku~…

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Belleza Skins


 Belleza Skins  *AIKO* [PALE]HEAD 320663c1-cc6f-3b21-57e6-898e2d580a26  (06)HEAD HB bdaf17eb-9ce6-72d7-a057-fb285ae4eba7 (06)UPPER 670654ad-e1e0-4613-8f80-f7140cc41d54 LOWER fda62ec4-8650-9a69-7f27-ea8268ee17dd [MEDIUM]HEAD fcc7e608-6d3c-cbbb-c28f-43a25714204e  (06)HEAD HB a3534589-4f74-fe93-9a9f-2e4c4d46e59b (06)UPPER d6406696-6941-00d6-6504-b0a48e4f7660 LOWER e37e520c-0953-49dc-238f-6e37015dbbe1 [TAN]HEAD f4fea99c-7763-88d5-3f09-d5e7fb46a46c (06)HEAD HB 6385b7ba-1d17-b89e-32b6-468431ce8ed5 (06)UPPER 2607ce56-b87e-de53-60a0-9f6d59366804 LOWER 2c10f3fa-c5dd-3076-8506-1bf6ff4807ac [DEEP TAN]HEAD 3e0fd268-0e6f-29cd-7bf2-b33ca033933c (06)HEAD HB 5b27facf-caf0-e6f3-29dc-4f05290a484d (06)UPPER b7a8dba3-aead-86ed-b1c1-479857f0a16c LOWER 25bf5d60-240a-d297-f6c0-e9f66d16c674  *ALYSON* [PALE]HEAD 750e5958-0340-2d90-4872-031aeadc2c59 (**)HEAD HB 5faeb171-0416-9345-5c15-8688538b6b0b (**)UPPER CLEAVAGE 03b8b3e5-4333-6678-3ce2-12bda6f5c7fc LOWER 7a49ae5b-1d44-d743-d655-d549b56705a6 [MEDIUM]HEAD 35e0cccc-7eb1-9328-0881-dec6da0470d2 (**)HEAD HB 2fe23e57-ad47-d4c0-fef5-2ff94927f373 (02) 29b711b6-8a2a-4404-baff-5421623754d1 (04)UPPER 4aaa814a-1f7c-ace4-171c-d1da7ef1f9da UPPER CLEAVAGE ae0682b3-bec7-8996-27ff-f5cd23ff7112 LOWER 65c60e84-0fb8-3f5e-caf6-3e70cfcea380 [SUNKISS]HEAD c78ba6d5-bdde-7321-5a19-0ad55cf033c6 (00) 7a6765b7-709c-0329-923e-66906ebcfcd2 (07) 1d3b0d05-82ae-4f1a-571b-134dc932cf62 (15)HEAD HB 24fd1e00-eeda-7df3-ae9c-a0e7470d0d2a (04) eecf59a9-cbe2-5d42-3f69-e46992cd1016 (08) 2d94007a-a8e5-1524-d389-d73a2ea24278 (10) 313e5cde-2544-1337-2d05-09e54adbef30 (15)UPPER 2fa0f65a-c538-d852-4281-81828b1e9887 UPPER CLEAVAGE b203dd04-96c6-75a9-78a3-e3b840846ccc LOWER fdc454cc-f385-2365-e752-89990bb8c3d1 [TAN]HEAD 219939a2-c22a-ff2c-bfb7-846d0da57184 (**) 7b1af289-414a-6d06-09b0-9305dd8dab72 (02) cfb92b1c-77dc-fbdb-58f9-d9a6cf3d957a (03) 1d02e867-08da-9a40-ed61-e186ec19672c (05)HEAD HB abcf9944-40b3-a448-289c-6c06b4be13f3 (00)UPPER 7687ea2a-a242-4df1-92e2-62476a7974ef UPPER CLEAVAGE 63763544-ce1c-cfcd-5f49-a8dbf694b365 LOWER ec775986-2bb1-e0ab-d6c8-f75b783d12a1  [DEEP TAN]HEAD b8a9b01f-682d-0e08-a8aa-bad405246edf (**) 81840ce1-da71-5cca-51ce-f1d364e2c7fc (04) 2da2b6ae-8dd7-4583-f2b1-eab00046b36e (05) 8cc7509a-cf5b-381a-40a5-86a3456be3be (10) 9e70e60f-ce65-e58f-9ce3-1704d1fae908 (12) 0f3ad380-0442-ddce-a995-d2706ff54e8c (13)HEAD HB 94017a22-ad7d-84fe-743b-a599ff635ff6 (**) 7a00b1ec-2ed7-cf2e-1f3c-78b18b4640f6 (01) 8edbe804-7188-4c4e-e1fc-52f05760e43a…

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★ Sopha Portal // Shape ★


~ENJOY~ sopha portal shape.rar (Size: 619 bytes / Downloads: 1) Download from Source link

[Glam Affair] Lelutka Applier [Becca] 007


 // Head // (Tone 007) Blonde: eab14234-4f8e-7d6f-a311-ea46a30c0f6f Red:  f94eb3b7-5dd1-7f5d-8fc5-1db6e3c049d2 Brown: 2eef6f1c-5300-7366-f789-722be66400c6 Black: afeccaf8-1149-c05c-de79-66c533c2fed3 No Brow: 4e6d2933-9079-4ad1-b491-a1c5ebd0d7bb  Universal Layers: A: fcc0698d-3c25-bb1c-3b1b-5f21feaff8bf B: e81b5a01-b47f-516c-cc6f-1901a959de10  //Body// ★Maitreya ★ (Tone 007) Upper: 51d7bc2a-bcc5-0731-a091-ad7dd7aa84c8 Lower: 33db3fa0-79dd-2524-8267-edc0f024a90a Neck: 3e9ba69b-884f-526f-ee69-b1e3a7e44d2d Download from Source link

Giz Seorn – Gwyneth Dress [Fatpack]


Marketplace:…k/14083920 Giz Seorn Gwyneth Dress.7z (Size: 5.49 MB / Downloads: 4) Download from Source link

TETRA – Off-shoulder leather jacket & Blueberry – Rene Mesh Leather Pants


TETRA – Off-shoulder leather jacket (Black) Marketplace:…k/14740892 Blueberry – Rene Mesh Leather Pants – Maitreya/Belleza/Slink – Black Marketplace:…ck/7821078 (Size: 3.03 MB / Downloads: 6) Download from Source link