July 13, 2020

Second Life


KZK Direwolf

here is the KZK direwolf. i do not have script for it, but i exported all the animation, sound, and texture. is also included is the devkit.
avatar – https://mega.nz/#!loAV3QjC!pAqhh797gv6VF…-CHp7ecfk8
assets – https://mega.nz/#!9lAHAagL!hNXfmpwdK2OQC…836wcvoUmw
devkit – https://mega.nz/#!o5IB1IIJ!FNPP21Uw0MNFq…ly8kYxUriQ

you need avastar for to open devkit correctly
avatar needs a fullbody alpha and a default shape will work as long as it is female

DirewolfDevkitv101.rar (Size: 59.6 MB / Downloads: 0)

direwolf_assets.rar (Size: 33.43 MB / Downloads: 0)

Direwolf_shapes.rar (Size: 5.73 MB / Downloads: 0)

Download from Source link