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The Jenny Jones Show surprised him with his gay secret admirer”Now which of these ways would cheap runescape 2007 gold you choose to reveal your secret crush on someone?” Jones said. “A. Would you write that person a letter? B. Would you tell that person in private in case he rejects you? Or, C. Would you tell that person that you’re gay and you hope that he is on national television?”
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The Chicago soundstage exploded in delighted screams and claps from the audience. The host seamlessly rolled into the segment, which involved springinga same sex crush on an unsuspecting straight man. The two men exchanged an awkward embrace before the host dropped her bombshell.
“Well, guess what,” Jones announced. “It’s Scott that has the crush on you.” With the audience hooting at full volume, Schmitz laughed, beamed, and politely explained he was “completely heterosexual.”But three days later, after a night of heavy drinking and finding a note from Amedure on his door, Schmitz killed his admirer. He later admitted to police he was driven to murder by the extreme embarrassment caused by the show.
“What you are seeing on the tape is a 24 year old man facing the studio audience and the camera with what I consider to be an ambush,” Richard Thompson, the prosecutor in the case, told The Washington Post in 1995.”He is visibly upset. People are laughing. It’s like a Roman circus where the audience gives a thumbs up or thumbs down to everything that is going on.”
In 1996, Schmitz was found guilty of the murder and sentenced to 25 to 50 years in prison. That verdict, however, was overturned on appeal due to jury selection errors. In 1999, Schmitz was retried. The second jury returned with the same sentence, according to the Los Angeles Times.
The fallout from the murder was not confined to the criminal courts. In 1999, a Michigan civil jury found the show’s producers liable for the death and awarded $25 million to Amedure’s family. That ruling was also reversed on appeal.Jones’s show remained on air until 2003. Many of her contributions to the talk show format  from paternity tests to makeovers  became standards of the genre.Hi,Good Time to Join RSorder 2019 New Year Celebration for Up to 9% off RS 2007 Gold/RS Gold/Other Products   Until Jan. 2!Do you want to Get from [b][/b]?
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