July 13, 2020

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Eras Zombie Invasion: Operation Resurrection

Hello to the community of Moddb, especially to those on the Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne section though Ever since i bought Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne, i have always wanted to make myself finally known in the community. After about 6 years or so of playing the game and getting used to all the aspects of it, even the various custom games on Battlenet, i started to get more interested into the idea of base building survival after playing several games based on the same idea. One of the most notable games that i have played that shows this is a “zombie invasion” type game called Eras Zombie Invasion, which was originally created by Anteep. It features 9 countries of Europe (Sweden, Russia, England, France, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Spain, and Italy) whose mission is to advance throughout type, whilst fighting against the oncoming infected hordesThis game was a revolutionary idea to me because it had an idea that i have a burning passion for in real life, history. As you advance throughout time you have several events that have accorded throughout history, although some may be alternated due to Europe being united in this struggle. I have played about 200+ games of joining it and hosting it on the popular hosting site of Makemehost. I have come to know and make many friends on these games as well as gather ideas about what could be done to make the game better. I have played many other custom versions of Eras Zombie Invasion that featured new additions. These versions include Dudule, 0.84, and 0.83 Opt to name a few. All of them show how the game could be improved over the old one based off of the ideas that the creator devolped during the gameplay of the old version. I am one of those people now.Many people do not know about Eras Zombie Invasion, but i tried to provide a brief description above. My idea is simple, which i am in the process of already making, is to create a version that features all of the community’s ideas (within reason of course). I decided to base my version off of Eras Zombie Invasion v5.0 , which features the ability for the zombies to be played by AI rather than players, or it could be even be played by both. I will list some of the new features i will install below:New Units (Have about 75+ new units already put in, and yes i showed the zombies some love to)
New terrain (trying to find a fitting realistic terrain to alternate the feeling of the game)
New doodads/trees (Again to put in that realistic feeling)
Events that lead up into all ages (They seemed to stop after the explorer ages, however i thought it should be continued)
New triggers to enhance the zombie AI as well as income (Planning on adding a market type system, as seen in Age of Empires for example, on top of the already existing economy system)However, these are just a few out of the hundreds of ideas i have in my head, on paper, and on word documents currently.What i ask from the community is what you think of this idea, as well as the possibility of people providing suggestions on what i should add to this ongoing process. It is time for me to actually do something to help out the remaining community of Warcraft. Please private message (PM) me or post on the forum your ideas/suggestions for this map, but also provide what you think about it and rather you approve of it or not.
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Any help will be appreciated.Thank you for your time and consideration. God Bless you all!

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