November 28, 2020

Second Life



when we want to copy a skin bom we realize that we have to download it but at the time of paying and uploading it another very stealthy copybot master might realize that the skin is copied

when we create an omega applicator with our skin bom copybot people will notice when they try to copy us that this skin is not the original
In second life there are people who are very fanatical about skins who could know their names just by looking

when you create an omega applicator and apply it it works but you risk being discovered

in this photo I can see the name of the creator of the skin or the name of the copybot

now when our skin is bom we automatically make an anonymous skin since they will not be able to know if it is copybot or not since when a texture is bom the name of the creator does not appear

here I will show an example photo

[Image: YiPvO1X.png]

the bom has many benefits while the applicator is limited

any body can be bom

in nyramith body’s post there I convert a bom body with my own system

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remember that if you do not have a good protection of ip masks or vpn LINDEN LAB can track all your accounts that were generated by the same ip and that have connected and can ban you

ebit the problems and better create your skins bom

This information is only for people who upload the textures skins to second life

Download from Source link