PUMEC – Unknwo Female SKIN


Hello People I leave you this nice skin of Pumec the head skin is for GENUS! I hope you enjoy it LINK:…_skin.html Download from Source link

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Its really nice to be member here  Download from Source link

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A big thanks to all administrators and members here Download from Source link

Cold Ash – Raphael Shirt Open White- Gianni


Fully Riggend Mesh Shirt. Textures included – White for easy retexturing (Tie version not included and or Bellza versions not included) MarketPlace:…e/18626183 Download:…cqjGsvtzMU Download from Source link

Sweet's Free- Quick Nail Cover Fix [BoM]


Testing old system skins nails on hands and feet  Here is a fix.   With ‘Bakes on Mesh’ you can use ‘System Skins’ with your mesh avatar.If you try out older system skins with your mesh body they might look great, but the nails will be painted on the skin – and   that is not necessary for a mesh body.This is a Quick Fix for that problem. Works for Male Avatars too! It comes with both Hands and Feet fixes on System Clothing layers (gloves & socks) and Tattoo layers. The layers are meant to be TINTED to match your skin color: – Right-Click the item you wear in your inventory and choose ‘Edit’.*It can also be used for Classic Avatars for better fit with Mesh…

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Speakeasy – Vibrant Tattoo UUIDs


Faded: Up – 2ee8ed39-1ee0-3069-0684-08ec7336bd57 Low – b45ee5d7-e8a1-ec11-15b1-20e787877a13 Warn (or fresh) : Up –  5da3f43c-b57b-3073-1794-a294beba19d7 Low – dcd29d12-894b-7279-3a07-27e7ff519b2dEnjoy Download from Source link

Linden Lab sells off Pathetic Sansar


This story originally appeared on Linden Lab sells off Sansar to ‘streamline its focus’ on Second Life Hari Raghavan and Sheri Bryant of Linden Lab.Image Credit: Dean Takahashi            Linden Lab has announced that it’s sold Sansar to San Francisco-based tech company, Wookey Project Corp., which has assumed all operations without service interruption to the community.I couldn’t find anything about this company, Wookey Project, because their website seems bare, but the news is verified on the official Linden Lab blog. Reportedly, Linden Lab decided to make this move in order to “streamline its focus to continue the development and operations” of user-created virtual world, Second Life, which still appears to be going strong.Sansar had a lot of promise when it was first revealed and seemed poised to capitalize on the opportunity to establish a…

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ALANTORI hair: hair textures & uuid


ALANTORI hair: more then 140 hair PNG Textures & UUID this hair i got from 2 huds from ALANTORI hair  in the rar file you will find the textures.  the name from the textures are the uuid numbers…r.rar/file Download from Source link

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Hello, I’m just a little french girl who like to go on SL to have pleasure to play…  Hugs and Kisses Download from Source link

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salve a tutti sono nuovo perciò abbiate pazienza con me  Download from Source link