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Just joined because of the awesome tutorials provided by Zero on YouTube. Download from Source link

Hello goonsqad!


Hi, I’m Vivienne, a student in 3d creation, currently learning to make fitmesh items for second life and openworld sims. My main goal is to make clothing a lot of people can enjoy. I am all about making my own original items (best way to learn imo), though I’ve noticed there are a lot of limitations of what I can make clothes FOR in SL and I dont find this fair to anyone (I mean if I sew clothes in RL and some special police come take me for taking measurements of somebody… you get the point) Right now I want to help not only myself but also other creators to make clothes for mesh bodies, I’ve recently decided that I want to make dev…

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Just saying Hi again :)


I dont come in very often but just wanted to ay Hi to everyone Download from Source link

newbie here


hello  im new so wanted to say hi Download from Source link



Hi rogue i play on second life, nice to meet everyone Download from Source link

Greetings everyone!


Haii i am new here Download from Source link



Write something, not boring .. Download from Source link



Heyo Im a newbie here.  Just learning the hang of things and stuff.   Hi!   Download from Source link

Promotional Inflatable Gym Air Track


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Hi everyone  Looking forwards to getting to know you and to hopefully help contribute to the site. I dont really like to give out much more info about myself but hopefully when i share stuff that will be all thats needed Download from Source link