Hey im azure  Download from Source link



Holà ! My name is John and I’m new here Download from Source link

The Great Donger is here


I am the ALL MIGHTY DONGER thats all I have for now Download from Source link



hey all Download from Source link

Hiya From Australia


Hi I’m from Australia and an new to this and i like reading forums that I’m interested in. Download from Source link



Hey, I’m Reza and I’m new here  Download from Source link

Saving money on uploading fees with a simple color changing HUD


This is basically my first Thread (not counting the Introduction one XD ) so not even sure if I am in the right category posting this… Ok, so, I just wanted to share my way of adding textures to the uploaded things in SL, which I dowloaded here Basically all you need is: to be able to create anything in SL, simple box works perfectly, have the UUID of the textures (which 99% of people here put in the name of the texture-and thank you for that!), and 2 simple scripts which I’ll give here. Basically you’re making a Color changing HUD… script is different depending on how many textures there are for how many faces…  So first thing is when you upload your item,…

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just joined today…nice to meet yall Download from Source link



Hello, my name is Lia and I am interested in second life skin textures Download from Source link

Mona Intro: Hey :)


Hi Im Mona and this looks like a fun place. I like to learn and am trying to learn about Mesh Bodies and Rigged Mesh clothing for SL. I found some very nice tutorials that lead me here and I got a very nice surprise Have a super day Download from Source link